Preparing for retirement : executives and managers

Our essential seminar, adapted to the specific concerns of executives and managers… A residential course at an exceptional venue !

For executives and managerial staff too, the onset of retirement is anything but trivial. Building a new life balance after a total commitment to a career cannot be taken for granted, even if the issue of the financial resources available after retirement seems, on the face of it, not to arise. Our seminar, specially designed for executives and managerial staff, aims to help them properly identify the changes that the transition to retirement will bring to their lives and turn them into a positive experience. The goal is also to help participants be more aware of all aspects of this life stage and how they will need to adapt, either individually or as a couple. The seminar gives participants an opportunity to define the broad outlines of their future activities and relationships in order to anticipate and build a new life balance.

Our speakers not only address the transition to retirement from the perspective of purchasing power: they also focus on the psycho-social and emotional issues raised by the transition from one phase to the next.

AvantAge therefore offers:

  • Simple tools to make the transition a positive experience
  • Ideas for developing projects and activities
  • Advice on maintaining and developing network of contacts
  • Advice on staying healthy, keeping fit and remaining independent, either alone or as a couple


Turning to finance, we explain the subtle features of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pillar pension schemes, as well as particular issues for frontier workers and homeowners. The programme also includes a module on taxation and asset management.

Individuals can, of course, attend the seminar on their own. However, it is advisable for couples to attend together if at all possible. Approaching these matters as a couple from the outset is an added bonus for managing the change successfully.

Next sessions :

On request

For more information, please contact Silvia Santambrogio :
021 711 05 22

This course can also be held in your organisation. We will be happy to design a seminar that is perfectly suited to the specific needs of your kinds of occupation and industry.

For more information, please contact Silvia Santambrogio :
021 711 05 22

an exceptional venue !


High above Vevey, in Mont-Pèlerin, the Mirador Resort & Spa affords a magnificent view over the protected Lavaux vineyards, Lake Geneva and the Alps. A perfect setting to take time to reflect on one’s future !

Topics covered


Subtle features of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pillar pension schemes as well as particular issues for frontier workers and homeowners. Comparison of pre- and post-retirement budgets.

Psycho-social aspects

Tools and ideas to make the transition to retirement a positive experience. Advice on developing projects and activities, maintaining a network and embarking confidently on living together full time as a couple.


Advice on remaining active and independent, staying healthy and maintaining the same quality of life after retirement.

Number of participants :

12 to 18 people

Duration :

2 days

Cost* :

1 240 CHF for a single person
2 080 CHF for a couple

* The price includes two seminar days and overnight accommodation in a first-class room with full board (three meals, coffee break and breakfast included), together with access to the hotel gym, swimming pool and hammam.